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Sites about Greenland

For (french) tour operators and tourism information centers,
go to page How to go.

"East Greenland is not scenery – it’s savagery"
All informations you need to visit Ammassalik District
and Ittoqqortoormiit, in East Greenland.

Our other sites

My homepage as an illustrator.

Pierre Droal
My man's website with digital paintings.


Friendly connections

Ronan Maillard
Musician et composer for movies,
television and theater.

Agnès Vincent
Composer for films and television.



Photographs and CG by Joël Douillet,
fond of nature, Brittany and Normandy ...

Al Magnus
A dreamer of images, with the universe in turn soft, oneiric,
humorous or tormented, but always poetic ...

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